Consign with Us TODAY!

     *Currently Accepting SPRING/SUMMER Items Only*

We are accepting Spring/Summer Clothing(Dresses sell very well, Tops, Pants/Jeans/Shorts, Purses, Shoes)

- At least 15+ items(Preferably more. More clothes= More money 🙂)

Anything that we can’t accept will be donated to an organization since we can’t have you pick them up. 

We pay out 40% once the item sells.. During this time, we are paying out weekly through cashapp or PayPal. 


When we schedule pick up, you would leave your items outside and we will come by to pick up so we can keep our social distance. We then will enter your items into our system. 





Curvy Girl Boutique is not responsible for items that are lost or damaged by fire, water, or anything else beyond our control. By consigning with us, you are agreeing to waive any claim or rights against Curvy Girl Boutique. You also agree to take all risk of loss or damage to items being consigned.

Payment for sold items are made thru PayPal/CashApp or Picked up in store on the 15th of the month for all items sold the previous month. If there is a need for a check to be mailed, there will be a $2.50 mailing and handling fee. Our bank automatically voids checks after 90 days. Any checks needing to be reissued for this reason will be charged a $5 reissue fee.

Please note that withdrawing items from our inventory before the 90 days may result in a deletion of your account. You will be charged a fee for pulling your items out of consignment early.  Items on consignment may not be sold by the owner or a 3rd party during the 90 day consignment period.Our images of each item may not be used by anyone but Curvy Girl Boutique.